QualiTec German Limited - the name stands for international activities

Since the early 1960ies, the Aachen Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Trades qualified thousands of people from all over the world. They completed technical training, management training or were trained as consultants. Responsible for these business activities is now QualiTec German Limited. In the last years, most of the training measures were performed in form of "train-the-trainer"- programmes; i.e. that the participants not only develop expert competence in the training course, but also are supported in additional courses to build up pedagogical competence. Thus, in many countries of the world, experts having successfully been trained in Aachen train other people professionally in their profession.

Why "training made in Germany"?

Vocational training "made in Germany" is different!

  • It does not only prepare for individual work places. It offers a broad basis of skills, knowledge and competencies to enable the skilled workers to fulfil all requirements at any work place in his profession!
  • It is highly systematic based on stately recognized training regulations which have the status of laws. And the industry takes decisive influence on defining the contents  of the training regulations.
  • It is strictly non-academic. It does not focus on a text book. In the focus stands practice, i.e.  the professional handling of typical work processes as they are required in industry! It stands in contrast to training courses at universities. Vocational training "made in Germany" is - in the first place - practical training!
  • Theory has an auxiliary function! In vocational training "made in Germany", theory serves to solve practical problems! It does not start with theory, it does not focus on theory. It takes practical experience into account and starts with typical job requirements in industry! It always refers to typical work processes!
  • It guarantees  continuous adaption to technical and economical developments!

This is the philosophy behind the training offers of the QualiTec German Limited.

Flyer: "Expert Training in Germany", (pdf, 445 kb).